Can you see yourself here?

GNet 2 - world readers 24jun14

Moving ahead: To let you know that work is proceeding apace on the new supporting collaborative site at, including the hotlink direct to the Dgroups discussion list.

Missing soldiers: But thus far we are hearing very little from most of the members of the ol dDgroups list, other than about 15 or so who have responded to earlier calls to test the link.

Reader Map: Who is following the new Gatnet 2.0 site? Have a look at the map which identifies the points of origin of the last 100+ visiting readers as of today. Can you spot yourself there?  If not please get in touch with us via an email to and let us know if you still wish to be part of the Gatnet community.

And from the Global South: In order, from more to fewer readers: Sri Lanka, Uganda, South Africa, India, Bolivia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil, Pakistan, Mexico, Lesotho . . .  plus the others that you can spot on the map.

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Check out the 2014 Gender, Equity & Transport Forum 2.0

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