Links & Sources

You will see the current listing of identified key sources in the right column of the site. This list is just getting underway, so your recommendations are more than welcome.

It is our intention that this will in time be more than just one more good passive list of all the programs and sources active in the areas of concern to this project.  We have more ambitious objectives as follows.

One thing that our preliminary research in support of this section has turned up is that many of the programs that got underway in the first half of this decade are no longer in operation. This is more than a little bit distressing, since areas of public policy such as this respond as much as anything else not only to first bursts of interest and energy, but the ability to hang in there and keep performing the functions year after year.  Fortunately as you can see from this list now getting underway, a certain number of the programs and groups are still active.

We are also building in a combined search engine that will permit the reader to scan through all the integrated programs and sources with a single click and set of keywords. It is far more compact than the usual full Google search; however its usefulness depends on the range and quality of sources that are captured in our Key Links section. So if you have any suggestions or recommendations for us, now is a good time to have them.

You will note that the first level of search has been refined to seek out any or all of the above keywords: transport, access, mobility, road, street. To get a feel for its usefulness you may wish to search for a country, city, person, group, document, or project.


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