KNOOGLE GATNET 2.0 – Searching All Links

magnifying glassWe have created a combined search engine that will with the help of Google permit the reader to scan through all the key links, integrated programs and sources with a single click and set of keywords. we call it KNOOGLE, for KNOwledge goOGLE  browser (and yes, admitted, it is ugly). KNOOGLE  is far more compact than the usual full Google search; however its usefulness depends on the range and quality of sources that are captured in our Key Links section, today about 30 good and varied sources in all. So if you have any suggestions or recommendations for us, now is a good time to have them.

You will note that the first level of search has been refined to seek out any or all of the above general keywords: (transport OR access OR mobility),  (gender OR women OR female). To get a feel for its usefulness you may wish to search for a country, city, person, group, document, or project.  We think you will see it is a real eye-opener.

Thanks for sharing your reactions and suggestions on this valuable tool.

– – – >  Click here to search all indicated links and sources on the topic of Gender, Equity and Transport.

One thought on “KNOOGLE GATNET 2.0 – Searching All Links

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