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This page summarizes a collection of key references for planners, policy makers, NGOs and others concerned with issues relating to gender and transport.


A community of practice and public policy program on Gender and Transport, addressing the problems of women, particularly Southern women and girls, facing the everyday reality of gender inequality in the transport sector. The program deals with specific problems in specific places in Africa, Asia and Latin America, both cities and in very poor outlying rural areas where safe and fair access is an enormous problem of day-to-day life, often falling especially hard on women and young girls.

GENDER, EQUITY & TRANSPORT FORUM 2.0 – An open, self-organized multi-media toolset and extension of the original Dgroups site. Designed to complement, work in parallel with and not as a substitute for the original listserv. Presently under construction – feedback and ideas solicited. Fully operational version targeted for Spring 2017.

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