International Womens day 2005

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World Streets. Paris, 5 January 2005

Editor’s Note: It is not easy to get bright committed people who are working very hard on specific problems that are right before them, usually with neither time nor resources as needed to stretch beyond the challenges and priorities that are tying them up at any moment, to consider how they might somehow better “combine” – particularly if we are talking about something other than preparing an article for a professional journal or traveling somewhere to swap ideas and experience with others. The universe of virtual networking is quite a blank for most of us when we step much beyond email and the usual newsgroups, a black hole down which they really don’t wish to either peer or, eventually, entirely disappear (that being one of the dangers of the internet and group communications).

Here we have an example of the latest in a half year long dialogue between us and a wonderful program to which we are trying to make a modest contribution: GATNET – a virtual discussion on gender and transport issues for the development sector which was set up earlier this year to share lessons learned and to exchange new ideas and information by field workers spread literally all over the globe.

Truth to tell, our ideas and urging for better and more extensive networking are thus far being greeted with a certain amount of skepticism and/or lack of immediate interest, since most of the group appear to be more or less happy with what they have. I for one however sincerely believe that they need to do more and better, and this letter to the group of this date is my latest attempt to see if I can rally support for this good cause. (But am I too heavy-handed in this? For you to judge.)

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Archives and Next Steps

Greetings from Paris on a sunny almost Spring day. Let’s see now. Gatnet? We have been sharing ideas, questions, references, events, projects and materials on our important topic for the better part of two decades now. But like it or not, these capabilities have been largely lying fallow since friend Priyantha Fernando, Executive director of the Centre for Poverty Analysis in Colombo, last whipped us into creative interaction. That was on 27 September 2015, and the topic she put before us (if memory serves me) was “Gender Mainstreaming in the Rural Transport Sector”. We had a very good run with it, and very lively and useful contributions by our community.  Mission accomplished?

But time moves on, and for whatever reason the 237 members of this original Gatnet 1.0 group, along with the 4,313 members of our Gatnet 2.0 community at , are still potentially connected — but not, for now at least active, as a group. That happens, and if the recent hiatus allows us to catch our breaths, the challenges of gender, transport and equity certainly do not go away.

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About the Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) of the ILO

ILO - advancing social justice

Dear Priyanti and GATNET colleagues,

I take the opportunity of latest exchange of messages to share some activities that the Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) of the ILO has been developing on gender; not only on transports but on infrastructure issues.

With the aim to celebrate International Women’s Day, the EIIP has especially prepared a series of documents that prove the efforts to promote women’s participation and gender equality in infrastructure development and decent work.

I invite you to read the Policy Brief “Building a gender-equitable future through employment intensive investment programmes”

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If you do not see this as a case of  street rape, you have a real problem. . .

This is NOT funny. It is not playful.  It is not: just “kidding around”.

It is violent, it is a personal attack, and to my mind as I see it here, and without a shadow of a doubt, a case of street rape. A painful reminder of our social context and strong need for rectification.
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Transport as an Issue for Women in the Pacific

Many of the key gender issues relating to the transport sector in the Pacific region – different travel needs of women from those of men, safety requirements, access to economic opportunities – are the same experienced by women across the world. Contexts may differ from that of Pacific Island nations beset by geographical, as well as socio-cultural challenges, however many issues are in common. Even within countries, transport needs vary greatly from a rural context to urban or peri-urban environments, as well as intra-national differences within island nations.

 – Author: Kim Titcombe. Independent consultant based in Europe and in Australia, specialized in the area of gender and development

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(Program change) WOMEN , TRANSPORT AND LEADERSHIP: Seizing the Lead. Not Waiting for Permission

Program Name Change:

The full name of this international collaborative program has today been changed to “Women, Transport and Leadership: Seizing the Lead, Not Waiting for Permission”. For short, just “Women, Transport and Leadership” (or WTL)


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